Cason White

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interaction design

information architecture

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Blackbaud E-CRM

The world's largest nonprofits and universities have complex needs and massive numbers of constituents to manage. Relationships with donors, volunteers, employees, fundraisers, event participants and internal users must be cultivated and documented in order to ensure the long term health of the organization. Blackbaud's Enterprise CRM product helps these organizations accomplish their goals.

Cason led the interaction design and usability efforts in the 2+ years development of Blackbaud E-CRM. He translated complex business and user requirements into a unified, standards-based design approach that helped craft a powerful user experience for these organizations.

Detailed design standards, visio wireframes, form and behavior specs and HTML prototypes all helped to communicate the final design. In addition, as the company's first usability engineer, Cason facilitated over 100 usability tests with external customers and internal experts, providing invaluable insight into the design process.

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